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By David England, Oct 18 2016 12:28PM

I have just finished your fantastic novel Stone In The Blood. I enjoyed travelling around the ancient land of An Nur and revisiting the places that I know on the modern Isles of Scilly. There were times when I worried that the main characters would meet an untimely end, and relief when all were safe. The inclusion of folk lore and the history of the islands captivated me too. A very well written adventure, totally convincing, and I look forward to your next book. Now my eldest grand daughter will read Stone In The Blood, and I certain she will love it just as much as I do. Thank you! [ Cathy Cripps ]

By David England, Jun 30 2016 01:21PM

We bought a copy of the book on holiday on Scilly this year. It is BRILLIANT! I love The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper too and this book gives me as much joy and pleasure as that collection does. The best bit is that I have been to the modern day places (not all of them) that are mentioned. Thank you to you both for a gorgeous, wonderful, joyful experience. {Kristina Moore]

By David England, Jun 20 2016 11:49AM

A second order of books has just been sent to Mumford's of Hugh Town, on St Mary's, The Isles of Scilly.

Mumford's are pretty central in the local and tourist focus on the island and so would probably be the first place that people would visit to find the book. The other outlets are doing a good job too....

[David England].

By David England, Jun 2 2016 09:54AM

Philippa May wrote this piece about the book for the Hereford Times....

Many thanks! It's also online at the Paper's website.

By David England, May 13 2016 10:42AM

We'll be on the Isles of Scilly for the next week [14-22nd May] to LAUNCH THE BOOK.

As part of the festival there we'll be giving two presentations and a radio interview.

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