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DAVID ENGLAND is a self-taught artist/sculptor living in Herefordshire.

Born in the Black Country region of the UK, his roots lie with chain and nailmakers.

From painting he segued easily into stone carving via the box collage. He was encouraged to create since he could first hold a pencil – which still happens to be his favourite medium.



COLIN JORDAN was born in London and currently lives in the West Country. He has been regularly visiting Scilly since coming as a child in 1971. A self-taught computer programmer, he designed an award-winning game adapted from Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books in 1990. He has a passion for Doctor Who and playing electronic music, and was involved in the design and development of Novation’s Supernova range of synthesizers. He hopes to continue his writing career with further novels…

How did the book come about?


Colin is the Scilly Isles specialist – he’s been in love with the place ever since his grandparents took him there as a child.

He wanted to write an adventure set in this magical landscape. In his mind he had a beginning, a large dollop of time travel and a rough ending. There was a BIG space to fill between.

David was originally called in as illustrator but quickly became part of the plot-development think-tank.


How did the plot develop?


The [possibly] unique function of the artwork and storyline developing in tandem was that  each impacted on the other in ‘real time’.


David   ‘We used skype a great deal. I would sketch my vision of how I thought the locations would look, so that Colin had a visual reference to work from when he wrote the text. It was certainly handy when it came to describing the characters.’


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Most importantly they want the finished product to be more interactive than most fantasy novels in print at the moment. The reader is encouraged to flick back and forwards from the maps to the text to the artwork – which is why there is detail in the middle artwork that isn’t in the text.

Why not give the reader that extra dimension to engage with?


What about the characters?


Colin  ‘Although it’s a fantasy novel we purposely avoided Trolls, Wizards, Elves and Fairies and the like. Our book has a different kind of magic.’

David  ‘We have Salt Crones…’