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Staying with his aunt and uncle on the remote Isles of Scilly, twelve year-old Peter Millen slips and cracks his head while exploring the mysterious island of Nornour.  


When he awakes in hospital, Peter is amazed to find that he now possesses strange new powers and a unique empathy with Scilly’s stone and rock.  He has the ability to weave events and change established history. For each night, from his hospital bed, Peter can travel in time, back thousands of years to an age where Scilly has not yet been inundated by the sea and is still one large island known as An-Nur.  


There, with his new friends Leena and Gerth, Peter embarks on a tense,  dangerous quest to save the land from destruction and defeat an ancient evil, determined to use the rock energies for its own dark purposes.  


As events reach their terrifying conclusion, Peter learns that past and present are more interlinked than he could have possibly imagined...


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